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OMADAS is a Greek word that means “groups”. We have built a company around services and solutions that are grouped together for success and are a revolutionary type of company dedicated to excellence in delivery, customer / employee satisfaction and improving the environment.

Extensive Executive Experience

Fortune 100 Company

Organizational and technology strategy consulting with technology system transformation of ecommerce and Multi-supplier integration service globally. Additionally responsible for 3 datacenter moves (2 on premises and 2 cloud), Business continuity and establishing a DevOps enabled infrastructure / culture and organization - 5 years

Managing a divestiture responsible for 3 datacenter consolidations, Business continuity and managing a multi vendor engagement for transition - 1 year



Fortune 200 company

ITIL infrastructure and operations teams for a deployment of a POS/ERP system to 6000 retail stores along with an organizational assessment and realignment of IT. Additionally engaged for ecommerce transformation and Mobile development of applications for the core B2C and B2B platforms. - 3 years

Other Private Corporates

Entertainment (Film, TV, Music, Technology):Technology and Business consulting (CTO), patent creation - 2.5 years

Printing manufacturer:Technology and Business consulting for cost savings analysts - 1 year.

Exercise technology company:Technology and Business consulting for cost savings analysts - 1 year.

Business services consulting company:Technology consulting, datacenter consolidation, call center system architecture and implementation. 1.5 years


Individual approach

Unlike many other companies, we use an individual approach.


24/7 support

There is no perfect time for help, we offer you our support.


Qualified employees

Our friendly & professional team works daily to bring you.


25+ yrs. experience

We are truly dedicated to what we do for over 25 years.

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